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Mistake # 98: End the year unprepared for the next budget year

I’m just not going to make it, and I’m scrambling. I need to have people in place to make next year rock and roll, and it isn’t going to happen. I’m trying, but, with the holidays, me working from afar during the two weeks of the holidays, it is going to be a rope walk. Not having the right people in place means that I do some of the work, pulled from what I should be doing. Just two weeks ago, I had to pull together a proposal that a sales person didn’t follow through on. He submitted less than mediocre work, and I had to jump in to salvage it prior to delivery. That is not good.

The people you have on your team need to be stellar – they need to be rock stars to make the company a rock star.

Rock on!


Mistake #11: Ignore the shoe

Have you ever tried to woo the person that may be your boss? The Career Encouragement Blog talks about how an individual blew an interview because the candidate did not focus on the hiring manager.  I had an experience where the HR arranged interviews for me with three individuals who were ideal for the position.  I was in a tough decision because I could have hired any of the three and feel as if any would be a good hiring decision. But one of the candidates nailed it. (Yes, they had me — from ‘hello’ all the way to the ‘thank you for your time.’)

 Two days following the interview with the one candidate, I received a package in the office mail. Inside was a shoebox. I was completely puzzled.  Even the return address did not make a connection.  Inside the shoebox was one ladies’ black high heel shoe (my size, of course!). Inside the shoe was a note: “Now that I have a foot in the door, I’d like to show you just how I can hit the floor running. I continue to be interested in the position and would enjoy being part of the team.”  Who do you think I hired? As a candidate, don’t ignore the one that brought you in for the interview.  As a manager, don’t ignore the shoe!