About Red Ditto…



I’ve worked with start ups and wanna be reinvented companies in a variety of industries. For more than twenty years, I have been on the product development side, marketing management and leadership, and in sales management.  All of these companies wanted to be competitive, grow financially, and hire great people. But, there were problems.

There is more than one way to kill a company, and I’ve experienced working with the managers and leaders who were successful.  I want to give you all of those mistakes so you don’t make the same ones.  The mistakes sound so obvious, but are prevalent and ignored.  I know that it’s easier to see and understand these mistakes from the outside looking in.  But, that’s a problem!  Many companies – whether new, old, or tired – are internally focused and cannot get beyond that.

I’ve worked with leaders who believe layoffs will right-side the budget. Or, if they cut costs in the sales force, that will build sales. One executive I worked for thought that eliminating a marketing budget would save the company in the long term. Honestly! You wonder how these people get promoted and retain longevity in their positions!

So, I give you my experiences in advice on what mistakes to do if you want to kill a company.


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