Mistake # 75: Turn old and die

This past week, GM announced it is emerging out of filing for bankruptcy. Over the past many months, the government spent $50 billion bailing GM out and now has a stake in the company, as well as GM shaving off manufacturing plants and let hundreds of workers go. 

So how does this company resurrect itself into the “new” 21st Century? Will it have a new logo? New corporate name? Some are predicting so.

My wireless service happens to be AT&T. When I called customer service to ask a question last night, the representative answered with, “thank you for calling the ‘new’ AT&T.’ 

 Wait! “New”?? I didn’t know there was an “old” AT&T!

 It may have to be with the fact that they are creating a new customer service image. After talking with the representative, I felt as if I had been right there on a sofa next to him, with a glass of wine, chit-chatting about how my day was, how many kids I had, how work was a bear today, blah, blah, blah. Oh! And, by the way, can I ask you some questions about that last invoice?

In fact, there were spam texts on my bill that he immediately stopped and credited my account. (Having twin 18-year-old boys on my account who text can create a mother’s confusion on what is the text charge and what is the subscription to a game charge!)

I almost didn’t want to hang up. He was just too easy to talk to. Maybe that’s the “new” in the “new” AT&T.

But I wonder if others like me perceive AT&T as the “new” AT&T. And, how long will it take before GM becomes a totally new company.

 I’m going to have a cup of coffee and think about that one.


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