Mistake # 62: Wheel and deal

Several comments about comments on LifeHacker’s blog post, Top Ten tips for talking your way to a better deal.


  1. Everything is negotiable.  Well, a comment on Lifehacker indicated that he/she felt everything is negotiable.  But, I think it depends on (a) who it is; (b) the mood of the individual;  and (c) if it is worth negotiating.  Obviously you need to understand what your trade-offs are going to be (again, another comment indicated so).
  2. Quit talking when the negotiating is final! Please! I can’t tell you how many sales reps I’ve worked with that don’t stop after a deal is done. What a mess it makes when walking away from the sale.
  3. How much time do you want to spend on the negotiation? Case in point: I’m currently negotiating a deal that I thought was done. My boss always comes back with a, “what if they….?” For crying out loud – stop already!



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