Mistake # 58: Ignore what your manager is saying!

This is an open letter to my company’s CEO.


Dear “Fred”:


I do not, and never have, had a department where it is a “free for all”. There are, in fact, processes and procedures in place that people need to adhere to when dealing with customers, providing a quote, and processing a signed quote.


I do not know why or how you got the impression that there are not any processes in place. However, I do know that, since we have been short-staffed over the past four months (by three people), and cannot hire due to the economy and cautious on the budget, we have had problems.


For example, I cannot hire a mid-level manager who will oversee small accounts. So, I am the account manager for those so that these customers do not fall through the cracks. My sales support supervisor also serves as sales support, since we are so bare-boned in the department. This creates bottlenecks, which result into mistakes, rushed work, stress, increased tempers, etc. And, not to mention the amount of individuals in the office that have called in sick the past three weeks.


All customers need individual attention. In order to do that, it needs an individual to handle the customers for quality customer service. There are cracks and issues during these difficult (and lack-of-human-resources time), but there are processes that we all follow to ensure that orders are produced properly.


I do not know where you came up with the concept that it is a “free for all.” I think you got the idea from the individual (who went into your office crying) that I have been wanting to fire over the past year (with your approval), but can’t since we are so short on people and it would most likely result in other people leaving if that happened.


I would like to invite you into the department for half a day to get a good picture of what takes that takes place, and/or speak with others in the department.



Your sales manager


P.S.: I am so angry I could scream!

P.S.S.: There. I feel better now.


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