Mistake # 56: Are you Facebook, or are you Starbucks?

What does social networking site have to do with a cup of coffee? Well, first, if you’re not part of networking on Facebook, well, then why aren’t you? Is there something wrong with you? I mean, if you carry a cell phone, use only your debit card for transactions so you don’t have to carry cash, and email daily to communicate, why aren’t you on Facebook?  Are you trying to make a statement?  


Farhad Manjoo wrote a great article on the e-zine, Slate, indicating that if you’re not on Facebook, you are making a statement; you don’t want people knowing ‘your business.’


So what does this have to do with a cup of coffee? Well, isn’t that where we went to catch up with someone? “I’ll meet you at Starbucks” used to be the common thread. But, with Facebook as a meeting place to connect with friends and family, why go anywhere? Do you think this is why Starbucks is considering another round of layoffs? Have we all decided, with the recession, that we can make our own cup of coffee at home, while reading what is on our ‘walls’ (and everyone elses), rather than being part of a Starbucks environment?


Well, it’s something to think about.


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