Mistake # 55: Tell your boss that she made you look like an ass!

Yes, I had that happen just this week – by email! I sent out final quotas for 2009 to the sales staff and her numbers weren’t jiving with what she expected. So, she proceeded to tell me that all this time she was striving for a different goal in 2008, and “do you realize what an ass you made me look like?” The email had other rotten remarks in it, but this one, in particular, stood out.


I must tell you that, in a former life, she would have been fired by the next morning.  Why she didn’t pick up the phone and call me to communicate something like this: “I’m confused. These numbers appear differently than what I was following…let me explain.” That would have been the more professional route.


However, let me back up a second on this particular employee. There isn’t one thing that doesn’t set her off into a rage. Don’t ask me why, but she has temper tantrums. These go completely against my grain of nature, and the way I manage.


Of course, being Italian, Type-A, and ADHD, by now, I flew completely off the deep end. I was, to say the least, furious. I tried calling her, but got her voice mail, leaving a message for her to call me. She sends me an email back that she will not call, but that she’ll “calm down and will talk to me on Monday when she is in the corporate office (this happened on a Friday).”


I sent an email back which read: “This email message, as well as the one prior, are unacceptable. I asked you to call me, and you refused. We will talk on Monday.”


We did. She did calm down, and so did I. She’s still in the department and I didn’t fire her. Yet. She’s a terrific sales rep and continues to exceed her numbers. But, she has this temper problem.


Which is now my problem!


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