Mistake #54: Mess with the morning routine

Do you have one? A morning routine, that is. I think I do, but it’s too mundane. I need something else. It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2009 – to seek and establish a new morning routine.


I read what some others do for morning routines. For example, Zenhabits did an interview withy Stephen Covey and he described his routine. It’s more than I can handle, which includes 30 minutes on the stationary bike (I don’t have one), then a swim in the home pool for 15 minutes (don’t have one of those either), then spending time in his library (nope, don’t have one of those) praying (I can say that I do that a lot lately).


Tim Ferriss interviewed Gina Trapani, founder of LifeHacker. Ms. Trapani makes a cup of tea, instead of drinking coffee. But there wasn’t much else described in that routine.

I’ve read where it is important to wake early. My friend, Lola, wakes up at the crack of lunch every day of the year. I have a hard time sleeping in, so that routine suggestion is fine with me.


Others say to meditate. I try, but find myself jumping up to make notes for things I need to do that day. Exercise is important. I can’t say that I am an exercise freak or have been diligent at it. It’s another resolution for the New Year.

Eat a good breakfast. Unfortunately, I have no problem in following this ritual any time of the day.


Visualize the day. Sometimes I end up as visualizing what I’d like to do to people. I always have to pull myself back to positive thinking.


Yes, a new routine is in order for 2009. I just hope I can fit all of the practices in and get to work on time.













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