Mistake # 53: The McDonald’s mentality without a customer-focused business model

Does your company focus on the customer? It’s seems so obvious, but does it? And, are you adapting to the changing times with the customer in mind?


James Surowiecki did a superb article in The New Yorker on how newspapers are slowing joining the railroad industry as a model for lack of focus on the customer.  He clearly and concisely outlined how and why newspapers are becoming a dying breed, and that if newspapers realized that they were in the information business, rather than the print business, they would not be joining GM in the bailout business model.


The problem is, we all crave information. We lean on the major newspapers for trends, issues, and breaking news. But, we want it now, for next to nothing, and want to eat it up at McDonald’s prices.  


I happen to like the tangible. I like to turn the pages of newsprint, go back and forth with those pages, and cut out articles, coupons, and other tidbits. I’m a rare bird, I know. But, my mother did it, my grandmother did it, and my great grandmother did it.  My boys don’t do it. But, then again, they expect to pull it off the Internet, send me the link, and then what do I do? I print it out.


However, I digress.  The times are changing. The economy is in the toilet. Is your company making strategic decisions with your customers’ needs in mind? Or, will your company end up with one limited model, as the railroad industry did years ago?



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