Mistake # 52: Dare to NOT reshape the industry!

Be daring! Even now, when things look bleak, is when the competition is also down on their knees praying for an answer.


So, be like Apple. Reshape the industry! Before the iPhone, there were phones and networks. Let’s face it, all they sold were connections to bandwidth.


Today, you have phones, and a hand-held computer that allows you to do more than just talk and text. (I, personally, could not live without mine while traveling. Got to have my itunes!)  Apple couldn’t have done it without some sort of partnership arrangement with AT&T. And there are drawbacks for AT&T as well – for example, what happens when the customer no longer walks into the AT&T store to upgrade, add features, or buy accessories.


Now if only the auto industry could come up with a plan to do the same thing…


What does your company going to do to reshape the industry in 2009?


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