Mistake # 50: Hire them because they are cheaper

The younger ones (I’m talking under the age of 35). They are less expensive than the older ones, due to years of experience. But, do you end up getting what you pay for?  An upper manager in our company believes that if you hire the young one who has “energy”, and pay them a little more, they’ll work hard for you. NOT!


I just terminated someone who had been in a sales position for nearly six months, and couldn’t do the job. Her sales were diving down, not climbing up.


She said: “I am really good at sales.” (Fact: sales were down in her territory.)


I asked her to take another temporary position, with the likelihood that we may have a mid-level position for her in a few months. I told her that she would maintain her current salary level.


She said: “I don’t care if my salary is the same. I don’t need the money; my husband makes plenty of mone!.” (Fact: well then, what does motivate you if you are in sales?! Opinion: quite honestly, maybe that’s why your sales are down!)


She thought the temporary position was disgusting (outbound calling for two months) and decided to leave.  (Fact: the outbound calling was into her territory and current customers, and was selling.)


Bad move on her part. First, you need to prove that you can juggle. Today’s positions entail doing – and juggling – a lot of activities and tasks.  Second, you need to prove that you are flexible. If you are not flexible, and “don’t want to do this, but, instead, want to do that,” you will not go anywhere. In fact, the first to go on layoffs are those who cannot be flexible.


So, she’s out. I didn’t want to do it, due to all of the training I put into this woman, but I had to. So what happened? My upper manager agreed to pay for – for experience. Twenty years of experience. Let’s hope he can juggle and is more flexible, since he was at least two and a half times more the salary than the younger/cheaper one…


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