Mistake # 47: Ax holiday parties when times are tough

Due to the economy, my company (a small business) is cutting back. Travel is on hold; purchasing is on hold; and hiring is on hold. And, the holiday party is on hold.


What?! The holiday party?! Here is where I draw the line. You spend an entire year pushing people to make the grade, develop and push the new products out to market, and raise the sales, and then, in one month when the economy raises a red flag, the holiday party is cut altogether.


I’m a big advocate of companies not spending on lavish parties when times are tough, particularly when the company is conducting layoffs. But there needs to be some sort of event that will bring the entire company “family” together (in a low-key way) in order to pat people on the back and honor their accomplishments.


Don’t throw out the holiday party. Have a holiday lunch and celebrate all the good that your company has done over the past year. Give your employees Funny Employee Awards. These are humorous while rewarding recognition and tells how to plan a fun and entertaining party.


It will be remembered – trust me on this one! 



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