Mistake # 46: When workers want to be re-hired

We often have workers who have left the company and, for whatever reason, come back and apply for another position to be re-hired. Just recently, a young woman left under me because she didn’t like the way I changed the commission plan. She was a sales support person who reaped the rewards of the sales from the territory sales rep. She argued and I explained, on paper, how she would benefit in the long run. Nope, she didn’t want that. So, she left, saying she’d be a stay-at-home mom for several months and then look for another job.


Well, this happened in August. The economy took another downturn, and here she is, knocking on our door. The grass always looks greener.


It’s true, that there are advantages and disadvantages to hiring individuals who have previously worked for the company. Previously hired employees know the company, know the culture, procedures, and have friends as co-workers. Just retraining alone is critical – which can take 3-6 months for someone to get past the learning curve.


But, in this instance, is it worth it?




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