Mistake # 43: Prepare Powerpoints like doctoral dissertations

Powerpoints. How did we do business without them? With long-distance meeting venues, like GoToMeeting, and Webex, we need to have them more than ever. But, truthfully, some people use the powerpoint like it is a doctoral thesis. They write so much that they can’t deviate from the slide. Powerpoints should just be talking points.  I work with one guy who packs as many words on that slide that he possibly can. Honestly! Take lessons from the greatest presentations you have been given – what information is on those slides? I bet not much, but you learned a great deal. So, use words wisely. Remember: less is more.


Do you need to keep blabbing to people? Don’t try to keep filling the time with your talk. Leave time for questions.


Seth Godin outlines on his blog the steps to a successful Powerpoints we all need!



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