Mistake # 41: Is there a reason for your employees to discuss their salaries amongst their coworkers?

It is so unacceptable for someone to discuss their salary with another coworker. It breeds and festers, and becomes an internal mess. As a manager, I have been hiring new people. New people hired trigger a reaction from those who have been there for several years or more as to “what does this new person make compared to me?” Then, there is the rumor mill. “So-and-so makes $6,000 more than I do.” Honestly. How in the world – or why – would anyone want to talk about their personal salaries?


Obviously, when hiring someone, you evaluate their previous position, experiences they bring to the table, have they supervised and how many people reported to them, what are their skill sets, etc. So, it is really difficult to even think that every single individual within a department or company would be at the same salary level. But, those that report to me find this difficult to understand. This is where HR has stepped in to discuss with them. I don’t want to touch this one with a ten foot pole.


According to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), it “unfair labor practice” to terminate someone who discusses his or her wages with a coworker.


But, believe me, I would like to…


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