Mistake #38: Forget the wait – hire the first one who strikes your fancy!

How many times have you been trying to find just the right person? The right sales person that who walks into the room and gives you the “wow” factor?  What is it that is preventing a big pool of applicants? I had a newspaper ad out in a large metropolitan city. The response was abysmal. Is it the economy? Maybe people are just not changing jobs because they don’t want to rock any more boats, thinking if they change their jobs, the same issue could remain in any other company. That is, tight budgets, slow economy and slow growth.


Those who are out of work are having a hard time. Sometimes they don’t interview well since they’ve been out there for months – if not a year – already.


Take New Orleans. One factor blamed for the slow Louisiana economic recovery following Katrina was the shortage of skilled labor. The state had a hard time finding workers for the new companies and new industries.


I haven’t had a hurricane hit where I am located, but it might as well have come through. I think that people are hunkering down elsewhere.


So what happens? You take the best thing that comes along. I think it is worth the wait if you can stick it out to find the right individual.



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