Mistake #33: Don’t anticipate!

The mortgage crisis, the American car companies losing their shirts, and Americans paying $4.00+ for a gallon of gas (and climbing!), all bear the results of one thing: no future planning!


I grew up in the 1960s and experienced the gas conserving under Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s.


Blind sighted? I think not. It’s called, “let’s just ride with the tide!” Eddie Lard’s column and blog say it best: “For years, we saw this coming: the perfect storm of fast-rising gasoline and diesel fuel prices, with no end in sight…” Couldn’t agree with you more, Eddie!


I often get from others who obviously don’t pay attention to world news over the years, “well, how did we know that this was coming?” Bad, bad, bad.


Ford and General Motors should have planned for such a time, because, let’s be honest, just how much oil does one think is in the earth? Just how long can that last, when Americans are using 25% of the world’s oil?


How does this reflect how we manage our business? Well, let’s just put it this way: If you can’t create a vision for your company down the road to bring about change, you will hit a problem. Yes, there are still people out there who are buying Hummers. (For crying out loud! These people don’t have a brain cell in their head!) But, IBM relied on the sale of typewriters, and they scrambled when computers became the means of operating businesses.


Are things going well for your company now? Great! Well, how well will it do in five years if there is a crisis in your marketplace?






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