Mistake #32: Be a bad boss!

As a manager, I try my best to make work fun, with surprise pizza lunches, flowers, balloons for making a hit high-ticket sale, etc. But, there are days when workers don’t get it. Of course everyone thinks they can do a better job than the boss. Haven’t you thought that?


But, push come to shove, and put an individual in that role, it’s a different story.  I recently hired someone and am allowing her to “grow that learning curve.” However, five months later, I have arranged a time to sit and go through all of her top accounts to get a status. She couldn’t do it. She didn’t know last year’s sales versus this year’s, who the contact was in that company, when they usually order, constantly confusing one company for another. The list goes on. Now, I’m able to give someone rope, but hat is her job! I came down on her, but not to the point of throwing things or screaming. Believe me, I wanted to, but that didn’t happen.


So when do bosses become bad bosses? When workers are not performing? From a manager’s perspective it is tough. You try to find the best and the brightest (based on what your budget can bear, your location, applicant pool, and job needs). When you do you train the hell out of them to get them going (and so you don’t have to baby sit. More importantly, who wants workers in your office every five minutes asking how to turn left or turn right? The company can’t get anything done when that happens!


But when is it the workers’ responsibility to perform, rather than the boss to become a bad boss? When?!


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