Mistake #30: Claim the company is sinking

I work with a group of doubters. I’ve go whiners, too, but primarily I work with a bunch of doubters. The doubters claim the company is sinking. Each time the company makes a strategic move, employees think the company is “in jeopardy.”  Many of these employees like to be on the sidelines, giving an analysis of how things are being played out, such as, “they should never have hired X”; “they are moving to distributors and not going to sell direct”; “they are about to give X a pay cut because s/he didn’t bring in the numbers this month.” Whatever the issue, there are a million reasons why everyone wants to be part of the problem, and not part of the solution. Even when you give people praise, they become skeptical.


And, when things do fail, it’s all “their fault.” Everything is based on “them” and no one else. I particularly enjoy reading the list of famous people who learned from their failures. I know I have a list of failures throughout my (eclectic!) career. I can admittedly say that I may not have learned from them the first time around. But, I wished I had had the tenacity of some of the most famous failures in history!




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