Mistake #29: Harvest bad attitudes

In many workplace environments, workers feed off of complaining. In fact, I think that some would be lost if they didn’t have anything to complain about. The problem is that it permeates throughout a department and company, drains those who have to live with the complainers, and interrupts productivity. These people are huge de-motivators and suck the life out of anything that is positive.


How do we define ‘attitude’? More importantly, how do we manage it? I have found that, no matter what is done, no matter how much change has been accomplished to alleviate the complaints, it continues to exist.


It’s hard to imagine that people can thrive on coming into a workday and are prepared to be negative. Oddly enough, my department consists of mostly females. In a MSNBC poll conducted last year, males were more likely to be better leaders than women, due to a woman’s nature to gossip, be more “catty”, or, yes, I’ll have to use the term, “bitchy.”



Whatever the sex, and whatever the issues are, how do companies best manage negative attitudes?  


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