Mistake #28: Simultaneous vacations throughout the office

It’s that time of year. Summer vacations. Does the world stop when someone is on vacation? No. In fact, I often lose vacation time. I’ve never found a “good time” to take a vacation. No one does.


But, many people who I have talked to say that, “I need a vacation. I have vacation time and I’m taking it.”  I admire people like that.


I have always been a manager that believed in not denying a vacation to anyone. Except, it bit me in the behind this time. I had four sales reps on vacation simultaneously. I (the department head) was the backup. I spent more time putting out fires, dealing with customers, identifying solutions, etc., that I couldn’t run a department or get any of my own work done.


I always feel guilty going on vacation. I feel as if I leave others bearing the load of me being out. Yet, conversely, it never seems to matter to anyone else when they are out. Come hell or high water, they will use every minute up they are owed.  But I feel guilty doing that. Why is that?



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