Mistake #26: Laugh at loud! (But, not when you are on MySpace)


They were laughing loudly, which was disturbing another sales rep, while he was on the phone. With a customer. Why were they laughing? They were checking out someone on Myspace.com. You can’t do that at work! Being their supervisor, I was beside myself! They couldn’t figure out what the problem was.


Defiant #1: “Can’t people laugh in the workplace?”


Me: “Of course, and I am the first one to encourage people to enjoy themselves!” But, what were you laughing at?”


Defiant #2: “Something on MySpace.com.”


Me:  “Totally unacceptable!”


Defiant #1: “Why?”


Are you kidding me! I know she is young, green, and inexperienced, but didn’t anyone – anywhere – inform her or other employees that it is inappropriate to use the Internet during work hours, other than for work purposes? In going to a work environment, that is a given. It shouldn’t even be discussed! (Or, should it?) 


Sales are up and I aim to keep them that way. Given the economy, it’s a good thing that sales are up. While other employers are cutting jobs, I am actually hiring.


Maybe I should consider cutting some positions. Either that, or I might have to start blocking some sites, including MySpace and Facebook at work


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