Mistake #19: Did you make drastic changes during the first 90 days as a new manager?

If you did, you probably did not build any loyalty with your subordinates. And, I bet if you did, you are about to see attrition rate within your department and/or in the company (depending on your position in upper management). Why?  Because you need at least 90 days to learn what is going on, build on what you learn, and create a strong plan of action. As a new manager, everyone is skeptical of what you will do, how well you will accomplish anything, and they scrutinize your decision making down to how many times you take a bathroom break. All the more reason to give yourself at least 90-120 days before making any drastic changes, such as reorganizing the department, terminating positions, or promoting someone in the department.  

Elizebeth Garone’s article on CareerJournal.com emphasizes that you need 90 days to prove yourself as a manager. One of her best advice in the article is to get involved in the day-to-day activities.

This is extremely important in building loyalty to those in your department and shows that you want to identify processes, procedures, efficiencies and inefficiencies, and what the activities do to impact the bottom line. 

So, if you have just completed the first 90 days as a new manager, check out the list that Paul B. Brown of The New York Times listed:  Are you a Good Boss, or Bad Boss?

I couldn’t agree with him more.  


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