Mistake #18: Are you relocating new hires to get the best of the best?

Due to the fumbled housing market, more and more employees are considering not to relocate, for fear of taking a huge hit on their homes and taking a loss.  But, in a recent USA TODAY article, employers are paying more to get reluctant employees and new hires to sell their homes and relocate for work.  

I find this hard to believe. What I have been seeing is that, in order to keep the budget on the cheap, businesses often look for candidates locally.  That is a huge mistake. You need to have a good pool of candidates to fill the position. Otherwise, you are going to be faced with filling the position, just for the sake of filling the position.  

Although some companies will let new hires work remotely (particularly if they have long commutes) other businesses won’t consider that. In fact, I have found that many managers see that as a downfall – they need to have that person physically in the office, regardless whether performance is an issue or not.  Why is that? Is it a control thing? If you hire the right people, they will perform regardless where they are located. Trust me on this one.  


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