Mistake #16: Be completely ignorant of IT

How many times has your management ignored the work or projects by IT? Why? Because they don’t understand what IT does. (Let’s face it, no one does…). I see management pay no attention to IT projects, needs, activities, or issues.  This is a recipe for company failure. The IT department ensures everyone can stay productive throughout the day, maintain a quality and active e-commerce site, and keep the Website active. Your Website is your virtual face of your entire company. What would happen if that was down for a week?


I have found that upper management has little understanding of how to interview IT candidates, how to screen them, and how to retain them once they are hired.  The HR department sets up the first round of interviews, and doesn’t have a clue on what to ask IT candidates.


Secondly, management should be aware of what security issues may be facing your company. How much span has filtered through your system in the past several months? What steps is the company taking to ensure that the e-commerce site is maintained properly?  Worms, adware, and spyware technologies are getting smarter and more sophisticated. What is your upper management doing to ensure that your IT department has the proper needs, technology, and people to ensure user security?


Read Roger Grimes’ blog on his security predictions for 2008 for more details. And, meet with your IT department weekly to find out what is going on, as well as to determine company technology needs for 2008.


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