The Top Business Mistakes of 2007

1. Anyone who tried to challenge Apple on similar product offerings was a loser. (AAPL) Why? Because Apple dominated the media player business all year. I bought an iPhone several months ago and have a new respect for Apple. I am now converted. Although, Apple did make it on a Worst Of List for 2007

2. Matell. (MAT) Matell’s apology to China as a result of having to recall recall Chinese manufactured toys was disgusting. Shame on Matell! It should have been the other way around, buckos!    

3. Jet Blue. (JBLU) Our memory is hazy now, but remember when so many were stranded on runways for hours on Valentine’s Day during the snow storms? How many times did Jet Blue apologize? Let me count thy ways…

4. Eddie LampertChairman of Sears. (SHLD) ALthough he turned KMart into a $3 billion company, he has his work cut out for him at Sears. During his first year at Sears, stocks dove 44%. Third quarter profits fell 99%. Mr. Lampert needs to step up and lead this company out of the gutter. 


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