Mistake #12: “They’re all sickos”

Are you getting sick at work? No, not sick of work – sick at work? Do you suffer from ongoing headaches?  Constant anxiety?Insomnia?  Depression?  Are you over stressed? Constant sniffles?


If so, it could be your workplace is causing it. Employers who are dedicated and committed to their workers will have a good wellness policy in place. According to a recent Forbes report, for every dollar that a company invests in the workplace, the company will obtain an approximate $4.00 return on its investment.  

It’s likely that your workload is driving you to drink.  Or, your co-worker is stressing you to the max.  Or, even your boss is creating so much anxiety that you feel like you will snap at any moment.  Even famous and reknown Linda Stein must not have been on the ‘today’s perfect boss’ list. Her murder is an indicator that she may have pushed her employee to the brink.


Many companies don’t see their employees ‘going over the edge’ until it is too late.  Companies need to make managers pay attention to how their employees are doing on a weekly basis to ensure that the company is healthy and safe.

As a leader and manager, you owe it to your company to be sure that you check in with your employees so that workers can sustain productivity in a healthy environment.   Here are three tips to all upper managers: 

  • Take your employees to lunch one day a month outside the office to give workers a chance to “let their hair down,” connect with their co-workers, share information, and laugh.  This gives workers the impression that managers have a sense that there is life outside of the office.

  • Encourage workers to join a gym, walk at lunch, and take frequent breaks away from the computer.  No one is a working machine and it is a known fact that people are more productive once they exercise, get fresh air, and clear their heads.

  • Once workers reach their monthly/quarterly goals, give them an incentive to be with family and friends, such as movie passes, theater tickets, or tickets for two to the symphony.  These are more fun than getting a slap on the back and allows workers to spend their free time in a stress-free way.

What other tips would you give managers to create a sicko-free workplace?


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