Mistake #10: No chocolate on Halloween? Or, is it too hard to reinvent the business?

What’s your business model? When did you last evaluate it? Your business model is considered the big-picture of how you will best move your products or services to – and for – your customer, in the best profitable way. Yet, businesses, large and small, spend too much time on departmental issues, rather than customer-focused needs. Businesses also lose site of their business model. The end result: inefficiency, too many processes and procedures, and loss of profits, leading to a low competitive advantage.


The biggest challenge to companies is to determine where to shift.  Case in point: Hershey’s.   Is Hershey’s still in the dark ages (no pun intended)? In a recent article in Business Week:


“…candy manufacturers are confronting the dilemma of healthy-minded consumers not interested in gorging on candy at snack time—or in seeing their children do so. In a time of intense focus on obesity and the rise of type 2 diabetes among children, candy sales have declined 14% between 2001 and 2006…”


Maybe it is hard to shift sugar. But, there needs to be a shift to reinvent Hershey’s.  Otherwise, there will be dark days in the years to come. It could end up in the history books in the confection industry.

Should your business take a shift?



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