Mistake #8: Undermine – and allow undermining

The Brazen Careerist listed five ways to become a workplace superstar. Joe Fusco added additional ways to become an organizational superstar and how to shine in the workplace.  In my work experiences, I have encountered at least one co-worker who has undermining on the brain, in his/her sleeve, and part of his/her MO. Someone who makes sure that So-And-Soe doesn’t get any further in the work food chain, and undermines any efforts for So-And-Soe.   Good Morning America conducted a focus group of women who said that women prevent other women on getting ahead.   Not exactly role models for workplace superstars.  But, I have experienced it and know that men have experienced being undermined on their success with projects, getting promoted, transferred, etc.   As a matter of fact, I have known dozens.   I wouldn’t target women specifically for undermining. Men do their fare share.  This is not a gender-specific phenomenon.  Leadership is blind to ensuring that this doesn’t take place.  In fact, I bet leadership has his/her own agenda and is doing a fare share of undermining. It is only a matter of time before you might catch on…


Ugh. It’s worse when you love your work and have to put up with the bull! There is a saying in Argentina that goes: “Amarrase los pantelones!”  It means:  stop whining, buckle your belt, and stand up for yourself!   So, those of you who are experiencing workplace undermining:  amarrase los pantelones!!


One response to “Mistake #8: Undermine – and allow undermining

  1. Thanks for the mention, Joan! I like that you mention “margin” and “building yourself” in the same breath in your comment on my site. They are inseparable; no margin, particularly time, no opportunity to build oneself.

    I’m intrigued; what’s the significance of “Red Ditto”?

    Thanks, again.

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