Mistake #7: Experience, ex-smearience

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in a business lobby waiting for my appointment, only  to get to listen to the receptionist complaining to her co-worker in the lobby about someone or something, and answering calls with a different personality in between the conversation.  I have walked out of those buildings thinking, “glad I don’t work there!”  Sound familiar?

What about customers? What do they experience? How do they feel when they walk away, hang up the phone, or log off?  Are they treated as a guest, or a pest?


I connect experience-related customer service to Disney.  I think Disney, I think fun. Disney Institute, a unit of Walt Disney World Company, just announced it is teaching classes at the nation’s lowest-ranked service airport, Miami International, to terminal employees on the foundations of Walt Disney:  giving customers a good experience.  Fun at Miami International Airport?  Hm.  That’s one to think about.


But my favorite example is Build-A-Bear.  Maxine Clark has defined the retail shopping experience, just as Tiger Woods has defined golf.  She combined shopping with entertainment.  So, what do you call that?  “Shoppertainment?”  Could Starbucks be defined as “Shoppertainment?”   I buy a latte, a CD, then sit and listen to music, and contemplate life while I log on and blog. I feel as if I have escaped for a short while.  Escape-ism + experience = shoppertainment.


What’s your Shoppertainment?



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